Mission (Tortilla ™) Statement

Dear reader,

So my main problem with the blog world at large is the implicit ideology that every opinion on any myriad of topics is just as important as the next. I’m sorry, it isn’t. It’s that kind of thinking that got G.W. into the White House. Some people are better social critics than others. Some people are more artistic than others. Some people have a better eye for business and finance than others. Voices of authority are not only important but necessary. It’s a fact with which our society needs to come back to terms sooner rather than later – that the idea of “All men are created equal” doesn’t mean that we all have the same abilities and talents. Of course, we all have a right for our voices to be heard, we all have the right to find our own individual talents. I’m not arguing against that. What I’m saying is that, just because we can all publish our words, we should not let that freedom lull us into thinking that every printed word is just as profound, insightful, or important as the next.

Here’s my point for bringing this up: I’m not writing this blog for you. Of course, I’d love for you to take from it what you can, and at best it can be another voice in the crowd on whatever issues I feel like bringing up. (Let’s not forget that, no matter how much I’d love to spark conversations within my comments sections, I’m still the one dictating the topic of the argument. I say that with no small amount of self critique.) But I’ll be writing this whether 1 or 100 people start reading it, because I’m using this opportunity for me to figure out my own opinion on matters, why I care about things. If you have something to add, if you want to challenge anything I say, if you want to pat me on the back and say I’m a genius, well, you are more than welcome. Any and all reactions are invited. Just keep in mind that I don’t consider myself any kind of authority on any of these matters, that just because I went through the trouble of putting it in print doesn’t make it awesome.

I’m also a writer, and this is a good way for me to practice writing and feel like I’m accomplishing something. So there.

Don’t expect regular postings, as I’ll only write something when I have something to say or figure out. I’m not trying to slight people who do update their blogs on a frequent basis – in fact, there are several blogs out there that I enjoy reading and check multiple times a day. But since I personally don’t think everything I have to say is that important, nor am I interested in keeping a daily public journal, the postings will be sporadic. In the meantime, I’ll periodically put up some old posts back from the days when I thought Myspace was cool.

So there you are. And here I am. And that’s what my blog is about. Hope you enjoy it from here on out.

Oh yeah, and shout out to my corporate ideology sponsor, Mission Tortillas ™! Thanks for letting me use the word “mission” in my blog title. You guys are the best!

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